Welcome to the part of my page that has all my screwed up fanfics, poems, etc. etc. Enjoy!


The Slayers Go Shopping
My fanfic about the anime The Slayers, where they all go shopping, which turns out to be more eventful than you would think.
Zelgadiss, a Psycho, and a Bathtub
The semi-sequel to TSGS. Xel does a little peeping on Zel. If you're offended by yaoi/shonen-ai stuff, DO NOT READ.
A Gundam Wing fanfic. Duo thinks Heero's gonna get married to Relena. Warnings: Shounen-ai, mild language, Relena basing.
Daria's Halloween Extravaganza
My fanfic about MTV's Daria, where Daria goes to a Halloween party thrown by Lawndale High.


Broken Hearted Masochist
Sadness. Grief. Anger. Hatred. Hope. All packaged in a single paragraph.


My Knight
Roger's my super-hero.
Travis... enough said.
Catch Me
Sappy, but needed to be said.
To You
Problems=Poetry. Doesn't mean much, but I like it.
Andrew's Poem
Heh. What rhymes with Andrew?
I think I'm going crazy.
Misplaced Memories
Basically, I'm sick of losing people.
I am You
No description applicable.
Another one of my poems. Duh.
A Poem
More of my bitching.
A Perfect World
Was bored. Wrote a poem.
The title kinda gives it away. Payback's a bitch.
Fuck You
Another poem dedicated to my "friend". Again, poetry as therapy.
Another sad, angsty, yet incredibly fun to write poem. Poetry is amazing therapy, almost as good as a punching bag or dart board.
Written during guy troubles. Can you tell? ^_^
Ode to a Hurricane
I wrote this poem the day we got out of school because of a hurricane.
Pep Rallies
This is the poem I wrote after being subjected to an hour of cheerleaders saying "GO SHS!"
Dead PC
A collection of poems written when my internet provider wouldn't connect and I was damned pissed about it.
Missing You
Sad poem about my cheese-loving friend, Meghan.
Depressed poem about high school, which I used to apologize for. But I won't anymore.
Rage Against the Turtle
This holds no significance...at least that's what I'm gonna tell you people. Not written by me, written by my friend about somebody, but it stemmed from a misunderstanding, so pay it no mind. It's still a funny poem though.


"The Laundry Song"
I believe that this is truly my greatest masterpiece of work EVER!
"Oh Skanky Ho"
Written to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree". Dedicated to my 9th grade English teacher. Beware, contains not-niceness.